E. T. Chevalier

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Don't listen to the rumors, he's not as bad as the internet would have you believe.

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  • metavodoun:

    As we froze our asses off in the safehouse set Iā€™d made out of the garage I had model Velocity wiggle her chilly fingers around, pretending to manipulate digital objects during a netdive. Then we went derper.

    ā€œI feel like a mime!" she said, launching into a fantastic fit of maniacal laughter.

    Still my favorite shoot.

    Effective Record Keeping. When this hotel closed they stacked all their office papers in some of the upstairs rooms and padlocked the door. Vandals have since gone through and popped every lock, scattering the incidence reports and bills everywhere. Hot Springs, AR 2012.

    Box Seats. Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Hot Springs, AR. 2012. They were disturbingly proud of this exhibit, while the two black statues in the whole building, Obama and MLK, were stashed unposed in a dark hallway.

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